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Acceptable Use Policy

Please read the following Listserv rules and acceptable use policy which apply to CAPCAWEB and CAPCALAW. By subscribing to and receiving any CAPCA email list, including having access to listserv posts through email and the archives, you acknowledge and agree to the following rules and acceptable use policies. Address questions about the rules or list to, not to the list.

The Purpose of the CAPCA Listservs is to share information that will improve the climate in California with respect to services and supports for children with special needs. As such, it is critical that the members of the Listservs feel comfortable about exchanging information without fear of that same information being used in any way other than to further the interests of the special needs community in California. Strict adherence to these Rules, Confidentiality and this Acceptable Use Policy is critical to the maintenance of these Listservs.

Subscribers may not forward CAPCAWEB or CAPCALAW posts, or use personal content from them, without the original poster’s prior written permission. If an email contains posts from more than one person, you must get prior permission from all posters. The exception to this is if the poster grants permission in their original post.

  • Keep posts on-topic. The general guidelines for topics are: discussion of special education and related advocacy, including legal issues, history, legislative activities, and current events. Please keep posts brief and to-the-point. Use a descriptive subject line. Posts to a single person, such as “thank you,” “I agree,” or sharing war stories and lengthy personal anecdotes, should be sent privately off-list.
  • CAPCA has a large membership considering it is a state specific group.  Many busy people will receive your post. Please think about whether your post will add to the discussion in an informative way that will be of value to others, or whether it is best to send it privately.  Please use the archives to see if your question has been previously asked and answered. The archives can be found at
  • Please include your name and email address in all posts to the CAPCA Listservs. The only people on the CAPCAWEB and CAPCALAW lists are CAPCA members. We ask that members not post anonymously, so members can feel comfortable knowing to whom they are talking.
  • Because it is a state specific group, many members know one another personally or professionally. Subscribers may not forward CAPCA or CAPCALAW posts, or use personal content from them, without the original poster’s prior written permission, as stated above. If an email contains posts from more than one person, you must get prior permission from all posters. All forwarded messages should have the CAPCA headers and footers removed. Subscribers may not share the email address and use personal content of the email of other list-members without prior consent of the member in question. This would include using personal information obtained from the listserv. Forwarding list posts or sharing personal content in them without prior permission from the original poster(s) will be grounds for removal from the lists.
  • It is generally wise to avoid using personal names or other identifying details in describing cases or situations. CAPCA takes no responsibility for personal information included in list posts. While the CAPCAWEB and CAPCALAW Listservs are only open to CAPCA members, CAPCA cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any post. Therefore, it is the list member’s responsibility to exercise care in sharing information via the listservs and to be aware of the practical limits of confidentiality on any listserv.
  • Subscribers of that particular listserv and members of CAPCA’s list-owning team may access archives of each of CAPCA listservs. The same Listserv Rules and Acceptable Use Privacy Policies apply to the archives. The archives can be found at
  • Please do not “flame” others, or the list. “Flaming” includes derogatory comments, ridicule, excessive sarcasm, foul language and belittling others. Respectful disagreement is not flaming. Every subscriber must be respected; no subscriber should be ridiculed or belittled on the listserv or by private email.
  • The opinions and information expressed on these Listservs are solely those of the email authors alone. List members acknowledge that the posts on CAPCA’s lists are not legal advice or opinions (even if the poster is an attorney), and they are not a substitute for consulting one’s own professional counsel or attorney about one’s situation or case. The use of CAPCA’s listservs does not create attorney-client relationships.
  • Questions or concerns about the list should be sent to the List Moderation Team at  This includes a question as to whether the action you want to take with respect to information obtained on the Listserv complies with this Acceptable Use Policy. Email sent to this address will go to the CAPCA List Moderation Team. This team currently includes Maureen Graves, Roberta Savage and Christine English. If you are not sure about posting something or have any questions, please ask the List Moderation Team at

Limitation on CAPCA Membership

CAPCA membership is not available to individuals who are employed by, or receive more than 50% of their income from state, intermediate or local education agencies, nor is membership available to an attorney who represents or has represented such an agency within one school year. School Board members may be considered for CAPCA membership only if they advocate for the educational rights of children with disabilities, and only after a detailed review of their advocacy activities. No member of a school board that is in IDEA or other special-education litigation in court may belong to CAPCA.

Regardless of above criteria, CAPCA moderation team has the ultimate discretion for acceptance to the CAPCA Listserves.  For more information, email


Advertising is expressly forbidden. No commercial use shall be made of these Listservs or their membership. This includes, but is not limited to, using names, email addresses, or other information from the CAPCA or CAPCALAW lists to advertise or sell any product or service, or to assist another in doing so. Sending unsolicited advertisements or information of a commercial nature (selling any product, service, or anything else for a fee) to other subscribers, whether through the lists or privately, is a violation of these rules. Any complaints about violations of this policy should be sent to the list moderation team at

Notices of conferences, trainings, webinars, etc. should be submitted to the list moderation team at for approval prior to posting. Notices should be brief and consist of a brief description, date/time, location and a link or contact phone number for further information.


By subscribing to CAPCA’s lists, you agree not to send posts that infringe upon the copyrights belonging to others. Do not post full articles to the lists. If there is an article you wish to share, please post 1-2 paragraphs and the link to the article, for other list members to read and the topic and how it relates to special education in California in the subject line of the email. (For example,” LA Times article about LAUSD”)

You further agree not to post to the lists any message or other text from outside the list without the author’s express permission, unless the item is clearly for public dissemination (example: a press release or public event announcement), or is within the ‘fair-use’ limitations as set by international copyright conventions. You acknowledge that in most cases this prohibits posting complete articles from newspapers, magazines, or web sites, and that you will generally need to provide a link to the material, instead of posting the full text to the list.

If there is no link, you may offer to send it offlist to persons who email you privately as long as you comply with copyright and fair use requirements. It is your responsibility to determine if you are complying with these requirements; CAPCA takes no responsibility for such forwarding of materials.

List Moderation and Enforcement

The CAPCAWEB and CAPCALAW lists are private, moderated Listservs.  These rules are intended to improve the usefulness and comfort level of the Listservs for all subscribers. Therefore, each subscriber is expected to be familiar with these rules and to abide by them.

Subscribers who do not adhere to the rules and acceptable use policy of the CAPCA Lists may be put on moderated status indefinitely. “Moderation” is a process by which email messages sent to the list must be approved by the List Moderation Team or moderators before being sent to the list. Posts are moderated for adherence to list rules, not for point of view.

Violations of listserv rules and acceptable use policy may also result in suspension or exclusion from the Listservs if warranted.

The CAPCA List Moderation Team may unilaterally change a member’s listserv options, including placing the member on moderated status, or removing a member from a CAPCA List, for any reason. If the member disagrees with this action, he or she may ask the List Moderation Team to reconsider the decision. The Moderation Team has the final determination concerning the Listservs.

Complaints and Concerns

Do not send complaints about other list-members and compliance to the Listservs. Complaints about compliance with Listserv rules should be sent to, should include a copy of the message in question and should describe specifically the reason for the complaint. Following receipt of a complaint, the List Moderation Team may use its discretion in determining whether a violation has occurred, whether further action is required, and how to implement that action.